Fellow Sisters & Warrior Women:


Blessings and greetings to you! My name is Liz Laguerre and I am the face behind Deborah's Circle.


My brand is obedience.

I’m your pusher-man! No, not that kind... Here to help push you into your greatness! I believe we all have at least one super power and mine is to be a spark helping to ignite the flame in others. 


A few tidbits about me...I am:

  • The SPARK you didn’t know you needed

  • Self-Mastery Pusher

  • Purpose Activator Coach

  • Warrior Woman 

  • Wildling 

  • Professional Disruptor

  • and mom! 

I have a confessionI grew up in church my entire life and yet had never once heard the slightest mention of Deborah from the bible. What an amazingly powerful, accomplished, servant-minded, Kingdom woman to miss out on! So when God started to tell me in 2021 that we were going to see the rise of the Deborah's, I had no idea what that really meant. However, once I sat down to read the story of Deborah and grow in my understanding of her anointing as a judge, prophet, leader, wife & mom--I knew that we were about to experience a wave of Kingdom women's empowerment like the world has never seen before.