Our Mission

Deborah's Circle was created to encourage, uplift, and spread the message of Christ and His all-consuming, unrelenting love for His daughters. We are a space for warrior, Kingdom-minded women who seek to build community, grow in the faith, and be inspired to be the change they want to see in the world. 


Our Why 

Did you know that God created you on purpose, with purpose and for a special purpose? On March 31, 2021, God gave me a powerful revelation about women and our role in society as well as our greater purpose in the Kingdom. As I plunged deeper in my walk with the Lord, I wanted to become clear on my true identity. So, naturally, one morning I asked Him directly what His name for me was...and the response was a game-changer! He responded: "Secret Weapon".


I later realized that He not only called me by this name, but all women! It was powerful!

Since the beginning of time, women have faced persecution in every form and in every sphere & sector of society at large. There's a reason--it's because we have been created specifically to defeat the enemy. In the 12th chapter in the book of Revelation, we get a picture of a remarkable scene in a final showdown between the woman vs. the enemy. As the woman is about to give birth, she is stalked by the great dragon (Satan) who awaits for the chance to devour her child. And isn't that always what its been about...Seed?


Women are incredible, spiritual beings because we have the ability to carry seed; we have the ability to bring forth life. Our very bodies are gateways; a portal providing access into the spirit realm. It is not something to take lightly! The very fact of being a woman, gifts us with the ability to be one of the most influential & effective tools in God's arsenal. And the Lord God has declared, "Takeover!" The revolution has begun AND we as women are the secret agents to carry out His agenda in the most unique and special ways.

To that end, this community was created to:

1. Help foster the growth and development of Kingdom women and girls of all ages.

2. Offer space to build sisterhood & Kingdom connections.

3. Provide resources and materials to help support, cultivate, and steward your unique spiritual gifts. 

Rise Up Deborahs. You were born for such a time as this. 


Judges 4: 8-9