Faith as Currency

Published on 12 September 2022 at 11:38

Today, in the midst of Day 1 of my 5am prayers, I had this reflection: We become so accustomed to pulling from pain, but there comes a time when we can no longer pull from pain because God has healed the broken pieces–and now, we are left to learn how to pull instead from a new (and better) source…faith.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

Faith is the currency of the Kingdom and when you are serving God faithfully, focused on building an intimate relationship with him, He begins to trust you to take care of your spiritual account. 


He entrusts you with funds that can be withdrawn in advance from your heavenly account so that a history, or record of transactions might be built. You are found capable of managing heavenly funds. And as more transactions take place, you build up your credit profile. 


The thing we must overcome, however, is trusting ourselves to handle those funds. For many, we’ve never dealt with this level of abundance so we are in many ways afraid to actually access and use it. Unfortunately, many of us would rather continue to operate from a place of lack (i.e. a poverty mindset) rather than use the funds that have been granted to us by the Creator. 


I liken it to someone who was drowning in credit card debt. Maybe they had upwards of $20K in debt and had to do lots of work to pay it off and get their credit back on track. Due to their past experiences with credit cards, they make a conscious decision to never open another line of credit as long as they live and instead focus on working to make enough to be able to pay off any and everything solely with cash. They also become so radical that they vow to to never apply for a bank loan (or any loan really, for that matter); they want absolutely nothing to do with anything that has the potential to put them back into a negative financial place that they worked so hard to get out of.


Noble right. Wise even, perhaps. 


While the goal of ensuring financial stability is a smart one, the methods employed to meet and sustain that goal are a bit misguided. 


Here’s why:


This person now wants to open up a business. They are pivoting in life and desiring to level up. So they do everything required: create the business plan, apply for their LLC, create their website, produce marketing materials, etc. However, they have no capital to move the business from its novice stage while building up clientele. They have a family to support and bills to pay, and things are getting down to the wire. They have the option of opening up a business account in order to be able to take from those lines of credit to support & scale the growth of the business, but are super hesitant to go that route because they so desperately want to avoid creating another financial crisis.


The concern is real and shows their growth and maturity in regards to financial matters. However, the reality is that even in the soundness of their caution, the root of the issue is fear...which is not of God. Fear is a stronghold. It's a spirit that upon residing in a host, burrows deep down until it can attach itself to the very marrow of that being. Its aim is to become one with the host so that at every point of decision, it will be there to rear its ugly head. 


Why this matters is because when God frees us, we need to actually accept, embrace and adopt that freedom. Fully. 


Attempting to shield ourselves from the outcomes that may arise as we are learning to trust ourselves again is really a false sense of protection. It is actually a clever disguise for bondage. Because here’s the thing: freedom, given by God’s grace, allowed you to break up with those things that were not serving you (in this case, making poor financial decisions), but that spirit still wants you back. It will stop at nothing to get you. It is relentless in its affections towards you. So you have to be careful not to leave any openings in your heart, mind, and emotions where it can find a way through. 


Keep those defenses up!

You’ve got to trust that God’s got you and that this time it will be different. This time, it will be better. This time, you’ll be smarter and handle things with more care, confidence, and prudence because this time, you won’t be going at it alone. You have the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost–The Trinity Incorporated–a company that is committed to ensuring you’re able to live life more abundantly by providing you with the skills, knowledge, tools, habits, mindset, and abilities to properly & successfully manage all of the great things God wants to give you. 


So, my challenge to you is this:


Take the account and use the funds! Withdraw from the bank of Heaven because doing so makes a demand in the spirit realm. It serves as notice that you have high expectations for God to show up and make a way in your situation. The currency of your faith sets off an alarm in the heavenlies, alerting God and His angels that you believe who God says He is and what He says He can do. Your faith activates. It opens doorways, gateways and portals that are stored up with the very treasures that are waiting with your name on it. 


Using your faith as currency allows you to pull from your account in advance so that you may sow a seed into what you are expecting to reap in the future. 


And the best part is, those funds are unlimited! So you’re allowed to splurge!


Activate crazy faith, believing God to be the miracle-worker that He is. 

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Kasey Walley
2 years ago

WOW!!!!! Alignment. Thank you for this insight. I love every single word in this article/blog/truth.
Wow!! Tap in, that’s all I kept hearing in my head as I was reading this!!!! Wow!!! Thank you!!!! Wonderful truth!