Manifest YOUR Destiny

Published on 26 July 2022 at 16:46

I don’t know who needs to hear this…but sis, its your Time!

We are standing under an open Heaven and God is calling on His daughters to RISE and take their rightful place in the kingdom. No more are the days of lack, unworthiness, guilt, shame, defeat, lack of clarity or fear!

Hear me– Its OUR time! Its YOUR time!

Whatever idea, creative endeavor, business, program, ministry, etc. that God has put on your heart is time to be put into ACTION and shared with the world. 


We need you sis! Someone is counting on you and your gift for their breakthrough


Can you think back to a time when you felt lost, confused, alone, or just lacking direction and it seemed like out of nowhere someone (or something) appeared SUDDENLY and it gave you the extra push that you needed? Those are God-ordained moments! 


What are God-ordained moments?


They are key moments in time that God has carefully and STRATEGICALLY orchestrated so that you could have the strength, fortitude, passion, desire, and will to KEEP GOING. 


You’ve never been closer to discovering your true purpose and cracking open the seal to the life you have always desired. 


Go all in, turn all the way up & MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY! 

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